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Throwback to Grace and Steve's Retro-Inspired Wedding at Elvey Farm: A Timeless Love Story


Welcome to my throwback blog post, where I invite you to join me on a journey back to July 2014, as I reminisce about the remarkable wedding of Grace and Steve. As a Surrey wedding photographer capturing love stories in Surrey, Kent, the South East of England, and London, I had the pleasure of documenting their unforgettable day. Let's take a nostalgic journey through their retro-inspired celebration held at the enchanting Elvey Farm, a former ancient stable transformed into a stunning venue and restaurant in the heart of Kent, the garden of England.

Setting the Scene:

Amidst the ripe cornfields that rippled like water in the gentle July breeze, Grace and Steve exchanged their vows at the picturesque Elvey Farm. The panoramic views, bathed in the unique hues of a summer sunset, created an idyllic backdrop for their love-filled union. The timeless beauty of the surroundings perfectly complemented the couple's retro style, reminiscent of the 1950s era.

Love in the Details:

Grace's vintage dress and the overall retro vibe of the wedding transported guests to a bygone era. Every detail was meticulously curated, reflecting the couple's love for all things classic. From the carefully chosen music to the artistic touches, it was evident that Steve's passion for music, shared with many of his friends, infused the entire celebration with an unmistakable rhythm and harmony.

Capturing Timeless Moments:

As a Surrey wedding photographer, I understand the power of black and white processing to enhance the timeless allure of special moments. Grace and Steve's wedding was no exception. Through my lenses, I captured the essence of their love, allowing the black and white images to emphasize the beauty, emotion, and lasting impact of the day. The contrast between the retro-inspired elements and the timeless aesthetic of black and white photography created an enchanting visual narrative.

The Venue: Elvey Farm:

Elvey Farm, with its rich history as former ancient stables, provided a unique and breathtaking setting for Grace and Steve's celebration. The converted venue, with its rustic charm and elegant atmosphere, exuded a sense of enchantment and sophistication. Surrounded by the verdant fields of Kent, it truly embodied the essence of the garden of England.


Grace and Steve's retro-inspired wedding at Elvey Farm remains a cherished memory even years later. The vintage aesthetics, the soulful melodies, and the timeless beauty of the black and white photographs perfectly capture the essence of their love story. As a Surrey wedding photographer, it was an honour to be part of their journey, documenting their day in a way that reflects the nostalgia and elegance of the 1950s era.

If you're planning your own wedding in Surrey, Kent, the South East of England, or London, I would be thrilled to capture your unique love story. Contact me today to discuss how I can bring your vision to life and preserve your precious moments for eternity.

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